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Seminars are held (except when explicitly indicated otherwise) in ex Biblioteca di Chimica Fisica, Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari", Viale Risorgimento,4, Bologna. Everybody is welcome!

Friday 18 November 2016

Prof. Hiroyuki Yoshida,

Division of Electrical, Electronic and Informational Engineering,

Osaka University, Japan

"Fabrication and control of colloidal particles in liquid crystals"

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The presentation focuses on the fabrication of nano-structures using lyotropic liquid crystals with discotic shaped molecules in which the orientation of the grapheme layers can be manipulated using surface anchoring techniques. It will also be shown how to create patterned arrays of nanotubes using a pen writable technique and some of the work at Brown University on continuous surface boundary conditions created through a holographic exposure process of linear photopolymerizable polymer (LPP) alignment layers.


(ii) the phenomenological Landau-de Gennes theory.

The first approach shows the existence of a weak subsurface deformation, while the anchoring strength resulting from the model is rather large.
The second approach, on the other hand, shows that a localized subsurface variation of the scalar order parameter can also induce a subsurface deformation and can result in an additional intrinsic contribution to the effective anchoring.

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