1. Riccardo Tarroni, 1990, L'ordine e la dinamica in cristalli liquidi nematici studiati per mezzo della polarizzazione di fluorescenza dipendente dal tempo (Università di Bologna, II Ciclo) Riccardo is now Associate Professor at Universita' di Bologna (Rimini Campus)
  2. Roberto Berardi, 1993, Studi Conformazionali e Simulazioni di Fasi Liquido Cristalline (Università di Bologna, V Ciclo) Roberto has is now Associate Professor at Universita' di Bologna
  3. Francesco Spinozzi, 1994, Studi conformazionali in Cristalli Liquidi (Università di Bologna, VI Ciclo) Francesco is now Associate Professorr at Universita' Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona.
  4. Corrado Bacchiocchi, 1996, Energy transfer in Fasi Condensate. L' Effetto del Cambiamento di Fase (Università di Bologna, VIII Ciclo) Corrado is at Universita' di Camerino
  5. Sigismondo Boschi, 1997, Calcolo ad Alte Prestazioni per la Simulazione di Modelli di Cristalli Liquidi (Università di Bologna, X Ciclo) After many years at CINECA Supercomputing Center, Sigis is now working at Totalwire.
  6. Silvia Orlandi, 2000, Computer Simulations of Models for Polar Liquid Crystals (Università di Bologna, XII Ciclo) Silvia is Ricercatore Confermato at Universita' di Bologna
  7. Luca Muccioli, 2003, Molecular Modeling and Atomistic Simulations of Mesophases (Università di Bologna, XV Ciclo) Luca is now ricercatore RTDB at Universita' di Bologna
  8. Matteo Ricci, 2004, Molecular models and Computer simulations for Liquid Crystals (Università di Bologna, XVI Ciclo) Matteo is now working in our group on EU projects at Universita' di Bologna
  9. Davide Micheletti, 2005, Modelling and Simulation of Liquid Crystal Polymers (Università di Bologna, XVIII Ciclo; Jan 2003-Dec 2005). Davide moved to working in Industry at Dow Chemical.
  10. Giustiniano Tiberio, 2006 Modelling and Computer simulations of azobenzene and of liquid crystal systems (Università di Bologna, XIX Ciclo, Jan 2004-Dec 2006). Giustiniano is now working in Industry (Jan 2007-):( g.tiberio@esplodentisabino.com)
  11. Ilaria Vecchi, 2006: Studi ESR di sistemi complessi basati su cristalli liquidi, (Università di Bologna, XIX Ciclo, Jan 2004-Dec 2006).Ilaria is now working in Industry.
  12. Adriana Pietropaolo, 2007 Modelling and computer simulations of selected protein fragments and proteins. (Università di Bologna, XIX Ciclo, Jan 2005-Dec 2007). Adriana did her first degree in Chemistry at Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, group of Prof. E. Rizzarelli, University of Catania and Scuola Superiore di Catania. Adriana after a postdoc with Prof. M.Parrinello (ETH, Lugano) and with Prof. Rizzarelli (Catania) now is "ricercatore" (Chim/03) at University of Catanzaro (apietropaolo@unicz.it).
  13. Antonio Pizzirusso, 2008, Computer simulation of ordering and dynamics in liquid crystals in the bulk and close to the surface, (Univ. Bologna, XXI Ciclo). Antonio now after postodc position in our group irsity s now working in the group of Prof. Pino Milano at University of Salerno. (antonio.pizzirusso80@gmail.com)
  14. Isabella Miglioli, 2009 . Complex liquid crystalline systems: computer simulation and ESR studies (Università di Bologna, XXII Ciclo; Jan 2007 - Dec 2009) , Isabella has got her first degree (Laurea) in Industrial Chemistry with top marks, with the supervision of Prof. A. Hockoeppler and working, mainly at ETH Zurich, on a thesis on the Supramolecular aggregation of amphiphilic peptides. Isabella has been collaborating with us first within the EU project NAIMO and then within PRRIITT Nanofaber (22 May 2006 - 31 Dec 2006) and other projects.

  15. Davide Vanzo (Jan 2008-Dec 2010) Davide has got his first degree (Laurea) in Chemistry working on the Photophysical Characterization of Fluorescent Probes at Ciamician Chemistry Department with Prof. A. Credi, and in our group has been working on Modelling and Computer Simulations of Nanosystems and Surfaces. Davide has done postdoctoral periods in the group of Prof. Alenka Luzar, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University , US and of Prof. Zoltan Soos at U. Princeton, US. Davide is now Adjuct Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.
  16. Manuele Lamarra (Jan 2009-Mar 2011) Manuele got his first degree in Industrial Chemistry working with Prof. R. Tarroni (Rimini) and his Laurea Specialistica in Chemistry working on Theoretical Photochemistry with Prof. M. Garavelli at Ciamician Chemistry Department and with Prof. M. Robb at Imperial College, London, and then started a project on Modelling and Computer Simulations of Transport in our group. It is most sad to record the death of Manuele, after a long illness, on March 2011. He fought with great courage his battle with the disease and continued to work with enthusiasm and with vivid intelligence on scientific problems until the end. I wish to rembember him as one of the brightest and most promising students.
  17. Lara Querciagrossa (Jan 2010-Dec 2012 ) Lara after her first degree in our group has continued for a Ph.D. with various Modelling and Simulation projects.
  18. Erika Benini (Jan 2011-Dec 2013) Erika has got her Laurea in Industrial Chemistry, with a thesis project in our group and has now completed her Ph.D. on Modelling and Computer Simulation project. Erika is now working in Industry.
  19. Mattia Palermo (Jan 2012-Dec 2014) Mattia has obtained his Laurea and Ph.D. in our group working on atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of smectic liquid crystals. Mattia now works in industry..
  20. Renato Ferreira (Jan 2014-Dec 2016) Renato is from Brazil and has obtained his Master of Science from Universidade Estadual de Maringá, working under the supervision of Prof. L. Evangelista. Renato is now back in Brasil at University of Maringa' collaboratng with Prof. Luiz Evangelista.
  21. Andrea Lorenzoni (Jan 2015-Dec 2017) Andrea is working toward his Ph.D. on a computational research project on Organic Electronics materials in a collaboration between our group and that of Dr. Francesco Mercuri, Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati (ISMN - CNR), Bologna



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